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Christopher and Kerrie Lavin

Christopher and Kerrie Lavin have been together since 1994. Their road to better health has been paved with many interesting opportunities for growth and education that have led them to their current organic, whole food, and raw natural lifestyle.
Chris has been a serial entrepreneur for many years. Having owned many businesses and living a fast paced existence with a toxic infusion of processed foods, alcohol and a diet severely lacking in nutrition, Chris was faced with a dilemma.
In 2008 Chris had a serious decision to make; he could either continue on this path to disease and a total breakdown of his health or change his ways and lead a healthier lifestyle. With his wife’s guidance and knowledge of a healthier way of living, Chris was introduced to an organic and greener lifestyle. Kerrie sought out much education and learned even more; this became their new way of life.
In 2011 Chris and Kerrie converted to a raw food diet. Kerrie had been battling a thyroid issue and was determined to get off the medications and help her body heal naturally. Their goal was simple: to live a pure organic and raw existence. Kerrie had studied for ten years and became a detoxification specialist, she transitioned even further to approach life and disease prevention through diet and herbs and organic juice cleanses.
Chris and Kerrie began to frequent Josh’s Organic Produce in Hollywood, drinking fruit and veggie juices. They tuned into Dan McDonald on YouTube and Chris became fascinated with what the juices were doing for his body. He felt so young and vital again, like he did in his 20’s. He couldn’t believe how it changed his physical appearance, as well.
Chris’s quest to live an all organic life was time consuming but he felt it was worth it.
In 2012, Chris invited Dan McDonald to come to his office to share the benefits of eating and drinking raw organic fruits and vegetables with all his employees. Dan prepared juice smoothies and raw vegan lunches for everyone. Chris noticed a huge difference that week in everyone’s attitude and how they looked and felt. Chris decided to make this permanent in his office. In April 2012, the raw food program was implemented into his businesses. He brought in organic fruits and vegetables by the case and hired a raw vegan chef to prepare the juices, smoothies and vegan lunches. Making organic fruit juices and organic vegetable juices available everyday was Chris’ goal.
For Chris, it was like a rocket ship. He saw his business and his sales people’s production shoot up over 30%. This was staggering and fast. He saw happy, smiling faces. There were less sick days and a better work environment.
Chris always searches for purely organic restaurants or juice bars. His biggest pet peeve is the difficulty in sourcing 100% organic juices and food. In addition, the plastic bottles and containers that leach chemicals into our foods and beverages are another annoyance for him.
In 2015, Chris decided to open a 100% organic facility for juices and vegan lunches and much more. Chris’s dream is to put this whole food nutrition into as many people’s hands that need and want it. This is the future of our health. 100% raw organic cold-pressed juices served in glass bottles.
They taste amazing. Try one today – Juice 2 U ships anywhere in the continental USA next day air. No HPP (bottled without high pressure processing), only the densest nutrients delivered to you with amazing organic taste.

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